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BPC 157 Peptide in Lebanon, TN

The naturally-occurring peptide Body Protecting Compound 157, known as BPC-157, is a popular product that is used to treat a variety of conditions. Made from human gastric juices, BPC-157 combines 15 different amino acids that aid the body in recovery at the cellular level. Whether you need recovery from specific conditions, injuries, or simply working out, this compound is highly promoted by many in the medical field.

Many studies have shown that this peptide helps with gastrointestinal issues and heals wounds by increasing blood flow to areas of the body impacted by injuries. Understanding what this versatile compound is, how it helps and why it should be a staple in any supplement regimen is vital! Read on.

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What Is BPC-157?

Our bodies contain over 7000 peptides, one of which is BPC-157. Each of these peptides in the body performs a different function. BPC-157’s function is to help with the body’s regenerative process, which aids your cells in restoring the body by increasing the body’s cellular production cycle. These benefits are most evident in injuries that result in muscle or tendon tears. BPC-157 not only aids in injury recovery, but there are many other benefits that could be expected, too.


How Does BPC-157 Work?

The regenerative properties of BPC-157 cause angiogenesis to occur. This means that the body produces new capillary tissue and increases its collagen production. This combination of processes is what promotes the healing properties of BPC-157. Because these reactions occur by pushing the body to increase blood flow, many people apply the peptide directly to the impacted area. This compound can significantly help those who may heal at a slower pace, such as the elderly or people with chronic illnesses.

Some of these benefits include:

Stronger Tissue

In several studies, the regenerated tendon and tissue that is created from BPC-157 could be stronger and healthier than the original tissue.

Safer Healing

When a body starts its healing process, the activity in the immune system becomes heightened. This can have several negative side effects, such as inflammatory bowel disease. BPC-157 research findings have also shown that it can promote a more healthy healing process that could avoid these instances.

Reduced Inflammation

Helping to reduce inflammation and overcome disorders that cause it, this peptide can help to improve joint health and reduce the harmful impacts on the joints that are caused by inflammation.

Quicker Healing

Animal research has concluded that BPC-157 has been effective in speeding up the healing time of soft tissue and doing it more efficacious.

Reduced Liver Damage

One additional benefit of BPC-517 is that long-term use has shown signs of helping to reduce liver damage.

These benefits are not the only ones that are associated with this peptide. However, they do represent some of the most common.

Peptide Benefits


Live Pain Free. Without the Surgery

Regenerative medicine procedures and peptide therapy decrease inflammation, heal tissue and provide the body building blocks to health.


Regenerative medicine procedures are safe and effective under proper care.

Cost Effective 

Peptides are a life-long investment to your health with a relatively inexpensive price tag.

Peptide Uses

Pain management, sports injuries, autoimmune, arthritis, aesthetics + more.


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