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Hangover Mix IV Therapy

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Get Over Your Hangover


A long night of partying and drinking often comes at a price the next morning. There are 3 key factors that have to be addressed for you to get back to feeling like your best self again: dehydration, a buildup of toxins leftover, and a nutrient shortage after a long night of fun.


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A hangover IV infusion therapy session addresses all 3 of these major issues more effectively than trying to chug water and rummage through your fridge. Don’t waste your entire Sunday feeling awful! Come to Restoration Wellness + Medspa for a tailored treatment that rehydrates your body, flushes out the lingering toxins, and provides you with the nutritional supplies you need to get back to the top of your game!


Treatment Details

Consultation Required?




Sessions Needed: 



21 or older

What it Treats



Stomach ache



Toxin buildup

Nutrient deficiency

Why Try Hangover Mix IV in Lebanon?



Alcohol is a diuretic (it dehydrates you); IV infusion helps you rehydrate more efficiently than water!

Flushes Out Toxins

Leftover toxins in the body can leave your mind foggy and your body sore; IV therapy removes them quicker.

Nutrient Enrichment 

Our IV infusion restores depleted nutrients and speeds up recovery!

What to Expect

The Hangover Mix IV Process



Before your hangover IV infusion therapy treatment in Lebanon, you can choose to meet with us for a consultation, or you can skip that step and come on in! We understand the need to act fast for a hangover. No matter what, we will address any questions and concerns you may have!


Hangover Mix IV Therapy Session

For your IV infusion, we will make you comfortable in one of our treatment rooms. A member of our team will get your IV started and you’ll be able to relax while your treatment takes place. The IV drip will take less than 1 hour!



Most patients begin feeling improvements in their symptoms almost immediately! Many report feeling an added boost for the rest of the day.


Pre-Care Instructions

Prior to Your Hangover Mix IV in Lebanon, Restoration Wellness + Medspa Recommends:

Wear Comfortable Clothing 

Wear comfortable and loose clothing that allows for easy arm access. 

Post Treatment

Post-Care Instructions

Following Your Hangover Mix IV in Lebanon, Restoration Wellness + Medspa Recommends:

In the Case of Swelling 

Keep your arm elevated and apply an ice pack if bruising or swelling occurs at the injection site.


Drink 1 to 2 16 oz. glasses of water after treatment to maximize your results.


Allow your body rest if you feel tired.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I start feeling relief from my hangover?

Most patients report an immediate relief in their symptoms and continue to feel better throughout the day.

How often can I get Hangover IV Infusion Therapy at Restoration Wellness + Medspa?

Certain events can take a toll on your body. After an athletic event, illness, long trip, or even a period of feeling less than your best are all ideal times for an IV treatment. It can never hurt!

How long does the IV infusion take?

Our hangover IV infusion takes less than 1 hour to be fully absorbed.

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