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It is not uncommon to suffer from difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection or lost sexual function due to a prostate issue for men or low libido, incontinence, arousal difficulty, orgasmic inability, or painful intercourse if you are a woman. If you are not enjoying your sex life, book an appointment below to speak with one of our male or female practitioners to see what regenerative medicine treatment options you have that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

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Restoration Wellness + Medspa in Lebanon offers sexual function treatments for male and females utilizing PRP and Regenerative Cellular Medicine therapies. These injections result in improved sex drive and orgasms with your own body’s superpower. What are you waiting for?

Treatment Details

Consultation Required?




Sessions Needed: 

Typically just 1

Session Duration:

30 minutes

Results Length:

Up to 1 year or longer

What it Treats

Low libido

Orgasmic Inability

Painful intercourse

Decreased sensitivity

Decreased Lubrication

Peyronies Disease

Inability to achieve or maintain erection

Why Try Sexual Dysfunction in Lebanon?



Utilizing stem cells from the womb or PRP from your own body, either option is a game changer in restoring sexual health in both males and females.

Complements Other Approaches

Paired with the Emsella pelvic floor treatment chair, you will get results out of this world.


This is a 30-60 minute appointment from start to finish depending on which treatment option you choose!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for the injections to take effect?

These injections both work immediately and over time. Most patients report improved sensation and sexual function the day of their injection, with max results being at 6 weeks and beyond.

How often should I get the injections?

This is completely up to you! However, most report getting the injections every 6-12 months depending on desired results and severity of conditions being treated.

Do the injections really work?

YES! But the only way to experience the amazing results everyone raves about is to come see for yourself!

Do I have to avoid sex after my shot?

No. It is safe to do so immediately and will not affect the effectiveness.

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