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Well Woman Annual Exam

Well Woman Exams in Lebanon are a crucial part of a woman’s overall health. Where these exams differ from regular annual physicals is that they focus particularly on a woman’s reproductive health—particularly the health of the vagina, cervix, uterus, and breasts.

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These treatments can be daunting for women of all ages and experiences. However, the expert providers at Restoration Wellness + Medspa can help by offering simple, comfortable, and informative well woman exams in Lebanon.

Treatment Details

Consultation Required?




Session Time: 

Under an hour


21+ or when one becomes sexually active

What it Treats





Why Try A Well Woman Exam in Lebanon?


Preventive Examinations

Examine breast, vaginal, urinary, and reproductive health and catch potential health issues early.


Stay updated on important tests, screenings, and vaccinations with a well woman exam in Lebanon

Reproductive Options

Your provider can discuss different birth control methods and the best option for your needs.

What to Expect

The Well Woman Exam Process



A Well Women’s exam will start by performing a regular physical exam. This will include your weight, heart rate, and blood pressure.


Well Women's Annual Exam

Once your Restoration Wellness + Medspa provider completes the preliminary exam, your provider will offer you a paper gown before bringing you back to the examination room to perform the women’s wellness portion of the exam. You may also need a urine sample during this time. This process will take 10 to 15 minutes and include a pelvic exam, pap smear, and breast exam.


Next Steps

Your provider will use their extensive knowledge to inform you about the state of your health and the steps you can take to improve or maintain it.  Any results that need to be sent to pathology will be communicated with you after your appointment.


Pre-Care Instructions

Prior to Your Well Woman Exam in Lebanon, Restoration Wellness + Medspa Recommends:

Bring the Following Materials

  • A photo identification and insurance card
  • A current list of immunizations
  • Contact information for you and your pharmacy of choice
  • Any previous X-rays, imaging studies or written reports, if applicable


  • A referral form, if required by your insurance plan
  • A valid payment guarantee
  • You should also have a knowledge of your family history to inform us of any potential risk factors that may require further testing.

Please Avoid

We also recommend that you do not undergo a well woman exam in Lebanon if you are currently in your menstrual cycle.

Post Treatment

Post-Care Instructions

Following Your Well Woman Exam in Lebanon, Restoration Wellness + Medspa Recommends:

Follow Instructions

Your provider will offer instructions on next steps regarding your well woman exam in Lebanon. In some cases, further testing and treatment may be necessary depending on the individual and your provider’s findings.


Make sure you return to Restoration Wellness + Medspa for your annual exam or at the frequency suggested by your provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all well woman exams confidential?

Yes! Your well woman exam in Lebanon is absolutely confidential and everything discussed will remain between you and your provider.

Why do I need a well woman exam?

Particularly as women age, well woman exams are critical for catching and treating the early signs of cancer and other health concerns.

What if I don't have insurance?

That is ok. Insurance is not required nor accepted. We do encourage patients to carry some form of insurance that will cover services that are not included in your membership. An insurance plan that is a high deductible, low monthly premium plan or catastrophic health care plan that would cover you for any unforeseen, expensive circumstances may be a good choice for you. For patients who do not carry a private insurance plan, we can help you with wholesale pricing for labs and most medications.

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